Thursday, 15 September 2016

Oval/Toothbrush Makeup Brushes: I don't get the hype...

Oval/Toothbrush Makeup Brushes: I don’t get the hype… 

Oval Makeup Brushes. We’ve seen them all over the web. Toothbrush handles and dense bristles in the shapes of ovals, in many different sizes. They caught the attention of nearly every beauty lover, but do I believe they rightly deserve their moment of fame? 
Shortly, not really. But I can’t make a solid conclusion as I’ve never tried them. To me they just look like super dense makeup brushes in a different shape, that I don’t believe will make a difference to the application of your makeup. 
Dense makeup brushes are key parts of most makeup brush collections and you can get a good Zoeva buffer brush (which looks to be compatible in density) for £15 when the original designers of the oval brushes, Artis, are marketing their oval 7 brush for $60 (£45.31). 
If you want the same style of brush for a much lower price there seems to be a million dupes for them on the internet and in stores too. The main store I’ve seen producing them being Primark who are trying to appeal to the trend and doing their own version of the brushes starting at £2.50, whilst online the cheapest ones I can find is a 10 piece set on eBay for £1.49.

What do you think? Have you tried oval brushes? Am I totally wrong in thinking that those and regular shaped dense brushes are the same? 

Till next time, thanks berry much for reading.

Katie x

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